Remnant: From the Ashes - Easy Hardcore Mode Complete Walkthrough (2023)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Easy Hardcore Mode Complete Walkthrough (1)

This guide will help you complete the main campaign of Remnant: from the Ashes in hardcore mode. There are some great rewards for doing this and it's not extremely difficult, but one small mistake can mess you up a lot.


  • 100% Complete Walkthrough for Easy Hardcore Mode
    • Reward
    • What exactly is hardcore mode?
    • recommendations and tips
    • Build/Weapons
    • Erdwelt 1
    • Rome world 2
    • Corsus World 3 (Optional)
    • Yaesha-Welt 4
    • boss
    • After the campaign

100% Complete Walkthrough for Easy Hardcore Mode


This will give you the following items: Provisioning Ring, Akari Warband, Ring of Supremacy, and the Nightmare Spiral. As well as the Band of Accord. You also get the high five emote.

These are account-bound items, so you can use them on all of your characters even if your hardcore character later dies. All of these except Nightmare Spiral and Band of Accord can also be acquired by playing Adventure mode in Hardcore mode. Unfortunately, this will not bring you any success.

What exactly is hardcore mode?

In hardcore mode you have to create a new character and put him in hardcore mode. Once the character is created, you cannot respawn if you die. This means that if you are killed either in the open world or in boss fights, your character is permanently dead.

If you have a co-op buddy, they can help you up after you get knocked down. But he won't be able to revive you on a stone/crystal.

(Video) Remnant: A Guide To Hardcore Mode (Tips + Rewards)

When you're about to die, you can press Alt+F4 in-game, but the game will notice and won't give you the Nightmare spiral at the end.

You can also try saving file cheese, but I heard the game also gives you an "invalid exit" that doesn't give you the final reward at the end. Apparently there are people who have done it successfully, but if that's what you want to do then this isn't the right guide.

recommendations and tips

I recommend that you have completed the campaign a few times beforehand. Having defeated each boss before and knowing the areas is very useful.

And it's also great to have a co-op player to help you out. But you can also do it alone. In fact, it's better to play alone than with someone who has never played the game before.

If you are far into the campaign and have to face a boss that you are not comfortable with, use a different character and try to find the boss in adventure mode and learn the fight until you feel that There's no way you can die.

Watching YouTube videos for fights is also very useful. It's easy to find a good video for every difficult boss fight.

I always posted a recommended Gear Score for each world boss so you can go back to Ward 13 and try to get that level before the fight. I was relying on the zone levels, but I won't go into detail about them. If you're not able to get to that level, it's no big deal. It is more important to improve your level.

(Video) Remnant: From The Ashes | Top 10 Tips for Hardcore Mode!


I would go for the Hunter class and later swap out the hunting rifle for the sniper rifle. You can keep the bolt-action pistol for the entire run, or get the submachine gun at Ward 13.

Try to improve vitality and endurance. It makes a big difference.

For mods, purchase Ace's Hot Shot in Ward 13 for your rifle. Use the Dog Summon if you have it for your secondary. If you don't have it, it's no big deal. Just get something you like for this slot.

With this build you can keep your distance and deal a lot of damage, especially in weak spots.

Short word before the walkthrough

I didn't want to go into every single detail here as it really isn't needed. Basically, it works the same as a normal playthrough. I've broken it down into all the worlds you need to visit, but a strategy for each boss isn't included.

Erdwelt 1

First, find the sunken passage with Gorefist as the boss of the Hidden Sanctum with Shroud. Gorefist is much more difficult for most people. There is also a small change that allows you to get the LETOS laboratory and face Riphide.

(Video) Remnant Survival Mode Complete Guide (All 10 Rewards + Tips)

Make sure you pick up the sniper rifle in the basement of the church as it's an amazing weapon. Feel free to keep playing with the Hunting Rifle, although I don't think it's as good as the Sniper.

The second Boss Mangler is easily skipped if you don't take the Tangled Pass. The same goes if you come across people attacking you in the cutthrough channel. A look at Brabus is usually not necessary. But there's a small change where you can't dodge him on some maps.

As a world boss, you must face Singe or The Ent. Both are very easy on normal difficulty in my opinion. The reward for killing one of them is the Provisioning Ring (equipment score 5 recommended).

Rome world 2

Unfortunately, this world is much less predictable than Earth. You have to face 1-2 dungeon bosses and a world boss. Also, there are a few spots here where you can fall into the void, leading to an instant game ending. Be extra careful when entering the Eyeless hideout. I've had friends die there in survival mode after jumping through a window that led nowhere.

If you get the Maul (the Doggo) as a boss, you can walk past him without fighting.

Scourge is probably the hardest boss in this world, sometimes it can be skipped by taking a different path, but not always.

The world boss will be The Harrow or Clavinger. Make sure you don't roll off the map against Clavinger. Reward = Akari War Band (Gear Score 8 recommended).


So now comes the hardest part of the whole run, killing the immortal king. If you fight him, you can skip Corsus. Make sure you have a solid strategy before going into battle (Gear Score 12 recommended).

It's best to watch a YouTube video before this fight.

Corsus World 3 (Optional)

If you want you can use it to level up a bit before facing the immortal king by choosing to agree to the king's deal. However, facing Ixilis is not recommended. It's easy to fall off the bridge.

You can get the Empowering Loop by killing Ixilis, but it's easier to kill the Unclean after the campaign in Adventure Mode.

Yaesha-Welt 4

This world is the most confusing and I don't have much to say. The map is very different every time you play it. But here are some little pointers that might help you.

  • One area to avoid is the Radiant Tomb. It's hard and won't help you progress.
  • The world boss Ravanger can be skipped by solving the Bell puzzle.
  • Don't roll over the edge in the totem father fight.

The reward for defeating a world boss here is the Ring of Dominance (gear score 12 recommended for world bosses).


Pretty easy actually, just make sure you know exactly how the combat works. I recommend that you always drink a Bloodward after being teleported into the shadow realm and always exit the shadow realm after the big boys have started spawning. Use Hot Shot on him after exiting the Shadow Realm. It deals extra damage to him since he is a root enemy (gear score 15 recommended).

(Video) 107 HARD SURVIVAL WORLD RECORD | Remnant: From the Ashes

This should earn you the Nightmare Spiral and the High Five emote.

After the campaign

At the end, you can also give your co-op buddy a high five with the newly earned emote. That's what the Band of Accord will give you.

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